Now, Ye Saints, Prepare to Sing- Samuel Deacon

Samuel Deacon Prepared His Heart

Samuel Deacon, Jr., knew what it meant to prepare your heart to sing and make music to the Lord as his hymn, “Now Ye Saints, Prepare to Sing” states. He had been preparing his heart for the Lord for years before he joined the gospel ministry as a pastor alongside his father in 1779.

He was born on February 6, 1746, and joined the workforce as a farmer when he was just 11 years old. He knew what hard work meant from a young age. Then, in 1761 he was apprenticed to a watchmaker, Joseph Donisthorpe, a man who was one of the first preachers in his town, Normanton. He was baptized just a few years later. He became very proficient in his trade. However, he preached his first sermon on August 1, 1771 from Revelations Nine. This was followed by his answer to the call to pastoral ministry, and he soon became a co-pastor with his father. His life and work ethic had brought him to that point.

He not only affected the people of the church where he was at, but he also helped establish the gospel in many surrounding areas. He was completely devoted to the work of the Lord. While his physical health was not always the best, his mental health was very sharp. He never left the gospel ministry. People were incredibly important to him. His ministry was successful because of the zeal and passion he had for seeing people come to know Christ. Wood describes him as someone who “preached like one who felt the value of immortal souls; and though there were at times something rather ludicrous in some of his remarks, which excited risibility in his years, yet he was by no means light or trifling himself; his manner was in general searching and impressive.” He not only was a minister, but he also authored many hymns as well as books. Wood states that as an author he was “witty, interesting, sensible, and instructive.”


He had a way of drawing people to himself, but not just to himself to the Lord Jesus Christ. Just listen to the fifth verse of “Now Ye Saints, Prepare to Sing,” and you will see just how passionate he was for the praise of the Lord and for men to come to know Him. He states, “let the whole creation join, in a concert so divine; and, in all their different ways, celebrate Jehovah‘s praise.” He praised the Lord every day of his life.

Now, Ye Saints, Prepare to Sing
 Now, ye saints, prepare to sing,
Loud Hosannas to your King;
Banish your complaints, and raise
All your pow’rs to sound his praise.

 Ev’ry good, of ev’ry kind,
For the body or the mind;
Past and future – all our days,
Call for gratitude and praise.

 But the glorious views we have,
Of a world beyond the grave;
Glories, which the mind amaze,
Call for hymns of solemn praise.

  He, the universal LORD,
Ought by all to be adored;
Goodness, such as he displays,
Calls for universal praise.

  Let the whole creation join,
In a concert so divine;
And, in all their diff’rent ways,
Celebrate Jehovah’s praise.

  Great, and gracious deity,
More than this is due to thee:
Help and pardon our essays,
Striving, failing, in thy praise.


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