Samuel W. Beazley


Native Virginian Samuel W. Beazley was a prolific song writer, composing or lyricizing more than four thousand songs and hymns over the course of his decades-long career. Beazley was instrumental in the compilation and production process of multiple collections of hymns, most notably the one hundred and twenty-song compilation entitled “Living Hymns” which was published in 1923.

Samuel W. Beazley

An able teacher, Beazley taught in various singing schools for ten years, and at the Shenandoah College in Winchester, VA for five years.

Though many of his hymns have today fallen into obscurity, those who seek out his melodies or lyrics are blessed by the skill and zeal which he applied to his efforts. Several of his tunes include fun or unique elements which make his songs a joy for congregations and choirs alike to sing.

Eleven of Beazley’s finest songs were included in the Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs collection, many of which have become church favorites wherever they’ve been sung.

Praise Him (words and music)

Glory, Glory, (music)

Jesus Paid it All, (music)

All the Way Over (music)

My Heart, O God, Be Wholly Thine (music)

Rejoice in His Great Name (words and music)

Lo! What a Cloud of Witnesses (words and music)

For Jesus’ Sake (music)

Answer the Captain Divine (music)

Join in Exultation (music)

When the Ransomed Get Home (words and music)


 Colossians 3:16
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Thank you for beautiful songs as they are praising God, I feel so much blessed.
Keep on until all the world blessed.


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