Come Over and Help Us

Sarah Boardman Judson, the second “Mrs. Judson,” was a member of the First Baptist Church in Salem, Massachusetts. The heart for mission work among this congregation affected the young convert of seventeen; and, having married George Boardman, she departed at age twenty-one for Calcutta. Six years later, having witnessed the death of three children in infancy and her precious husband, Sarah continued her labours for three additional years. In 1834, she married Dr. Judson and joined in the work for eleven years before her own frailty gave way; and the faithful lady died on a ship returning home, while harbored in St. Helena. Adoniram Judson noted: “There I saw her safely deposited and, in the language of prayer, which we had often presented together at the throne of grace, I blessed God that her body had attained the repose of the grave, and her spirit the repose of Paradise.”

 “Ye, on whom the glo-rious gos-pel,
Shines with beams se-rene-ly bright,
Pit-y the de-lud-ed na-tions,
Wrapped in shades of dis-mal night;
Ye, whose bo-soms glow with rap-ture,
At the pre-cious hopes they bear;
Ye, who know a Sav-iour’s mer-cy,
Lis-ten to our earn-est prayer!

  See that race, de-lud-ed, blind-ed,
Bend-ing at yon hor-rid shrine;
Mad-ness pic-tured in their fac-es,
Em-blems of the fran-tic mind;
They have nev-er heard of Je-sus,
Nev-er to th’e-ter-nal prayed;
Paths of death and woe they’re tread-ing,
Chris-tian! Chris-tian! come and aid!

  By that rend-ing shriek of hor-ror,
Is-su’ng from the flam-ing pile,
By the bursts of mirth that fol-low,
By that Brah-min’s fiend-like smile;
By the in-fant’s pierc-ing cry,
Drowned in Gan-ges’ roll-ing wave;
By the mo-ther’s tear-ful eye,
Friends of Je-sus, come and save!

  By that pil-grim, weak and hoar-y,
Wan-d’ring far from friends and home,
Vain-ly seek-ing end-less glo-ry
At the false Ma-hom-et’s tomb;
By that blind, de-rid-ed na-tion,
Mur-d’rers of the Son of God,
Chris-tians, grant us our pe-ti-tion,
Ere we lie be-neath the sod!

  By the Af-ric’s hopes so wretch-ed,
Which at death’s ap-proach shall fly;
By the scald-ing tears that trick-le
From the slave’s wild, sunk-en eye;
By the ter-rors of that judg-ment,
Which shall fix our fi-nal doom;
Lis-ten to our cry so ear-nest;–
Friends of Je-sus, come, oh, come!

  By the mar-tyrs’ toils and suf-f’rings,
By their pa-tience, zeal, and love;
By the prom-ise of the Might-y,
Bend-ing from his throne a-bove;
By the last com-mand so pre-cious,
Is-sued by the ris-en God;
Chris-tians! Chris-tians! come and help us,
Ere we lie be-neath the sod!”


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