It Cleanseth Me- F. L. Snyder

Missionary work is a pillar of the Christian faith. Without it, the faith would have remained where it began in the Middle East and would not have made its way to the many countries it resides in today. Soul-winning in its various forms is one way the Christian proves their faith. If God lives within the believer, then the believer must show it on the outside. This is how tidings of salvation spread to Siam and took up residence within its borders. 

The credit goes to the many missionaries and their wives who took it upon themselves to bring the Word of God to Siam. One of these couples was F.L. Snyder and his wife. The capital of Bangkok in the then-country of Siam (now Thailand) became a mission station in 1840. These people on mission visited the jail, set up a Y.M.C.A. in conjunction with the high schools, opened their homes, and spoke with many people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These included Buddhist priests, scribes of the courts, and everyday people. Snyder said of opening his home, "That these people should visit us at our home and make inquiries about the way to eternal life has been one of the pleasantest privileges of our work." Snyder saw his purpose in the mission work. They were to meet not only the physical needs of the people, but more importantly, the spiritual needs, and by opening their home to conversation with others, they were doing just that. By 1890, an agency had been established, and a considerable portion of scriptures was translated into Chinese for the people. In 1911, Snyder conducted a service at the Boon Itt Memorial for the Siamese people in celebration of 300 years of the Kings James Version of the Bible. 

The mission in Siam was an integral part of getting the gospel to the people and spreading the Word of God to the nations. Below, the lyrics to "It Cleanseth Me," written by F. L. Snyder. 

There is a stream that flows from Calvary,
A crimson tide so deep and wide.
That whosoever will but plunge therein,
Shall be made free from sin.
 Its saving virtues ever are the same.
It cleanseth still and always will;
Poor sinner who will come to him, in faith,
Shall know the wondrous grace.
No other fountain can for sin atone.
But Jesus' blood,
 Oh! precious flood;
It ever washes whiter than the snow,
It cleanseth me I know.
Hallelujah, 'tis his blood that cleanseth me,
' Tis his grace that makes me free,
And, my brother, 'tis for thee.
 oh! hallelujah.' Tis salvation full and free,
And it cleanseth me, yes, cleanseth me. 

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I was given your hymnal as a gift last year. What a treasure trove! I like the sharing of the saints stories.

Crystal Jones

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