Thou Art My All

Born in Philadelphia, Albert Bennett was converted and baptized at an early age. He immediately engaged in the work of the ministry, serving in Sunday schools and other labours. After completing training at the Baptist Theological Seminary, he entered a pastorate in Massachusetts, but his heart’s burden was unsatisfied. Four years later, he surrendered to missions and sailed for Japan, where he laboured in Yokohama, aiding in the publication of the Japanese Hymn Book, including twelve by his own hand.

1.  Take my in-con-stant heart,
Un-chang-ing Christ:
Oh, would that from the start
Thou hadst suf-ficed!
Thou art my all, and yet
How oft I thee for-get!
Oh, hence-forth ev-er let
Me boast but Christ.

2.  This world’s prince loved thee not,
Nor loves he me;
He had no part nor lot,
My Prince, in thee.
I, too, dis-own his claim,
Ac-count his praise my shame,
Am glad if for thy name
He scorn-eth me.

3.  Then let the world and me
For-ev-er part!
Both friends and foes shall see
Who holds my heart.
What though the dev-il spare
That heart nor bruise nor tear?
When Christ comes, there’ll be ne’er
Wound left, nor smart.



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