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We pray you will enjoy these resources and find them to be an encouragement in your walk with the Lord.


I am pleased with the Scripture references included  with these hymns. There are not just a few, which shows a thoughtful evaluation of the message of each hymn, which enables we who use this hymnal to read these verses with that same thoroughness and thoughtfulness.

I have often in my reading of commentaries & devotionals by godly men teaching timeless truths, read references to some of these great hymns of the faith but could never find them in our hymnal. There are many of these great hymns with great truths returned through this hymnal.

I am also surprised with the number of verses of hymns that have been excluded over the years, which have now been carefully restored. This allows for a greater selection of verses to be sung in worship services not afforded in most other hymnals that I have used over my years of pastoring.

I just wanted to let you all know what a blessing the Psalms, Hymns, and
Spiritual Songs hymnal is to our church. We cannot say enough about it, nor
thank the Lord enough for it. I can give true testimony that the Lord has
certainly used this hymnal to bless our church and bring us closer in our
worship to Himself. I told our church,...  ...the Lord has raised up this hymnal in these closing Laodicean
hours as an aide to helping those saints who would, seek and return to
the old paths... is a blessing to have something
that helps saints* get back,* rather than farther away.

Pastor J. Doss, SC

Melody Moments

Bringing in the Sheaves - Knowles Shaw

Bringing in the Sheaves - Knowles Shaw

Knowles Shaw was known throughout his life as being someone who was devoted to the Lord. He led around 1,400 people to the Lord in his lifetime. A...
Come Unto Me, Saith God's Own Son - George Gruenwald

Come Unto Me, Saith God's Own Son - George Gruenwald


George Gruenwald, a shoemaker, minister, and author of the hymn, “Come Unto Me, Saith God’s Own Son,” died a tragic death in 1530, after being captured for speaking the Word of God at Kufstein. He was condemned to death and burned for what he believed. He was a true martyr for the faith, following Matthew 6:19-21 with his life:

The Love of God

The Love of God

From obscurity to renown is the journey of this great song. The seed of its birth comes in stanza four. The lines, translated by an unknown hand, were part of a Jewish epic written in Aramaic in 1050. This adaption of the fourth stanza, scrawled upon the cell wall of an insane asylum, was found after an inmate’s death. Presumably, the poor soul, having heard it at a previous occasion, copied it during fleeting moments of clarity.