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Risen Lord (CD)
Risen Lord (CD)

Risen Lord (CD)

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This collection takes you on a journey from the darkest hour to the brightest day. Follow as Creation, plunged into darkness from the Father's hand, resounds with notes of sorrow as the Lamb pours out his lifeblood for the enemies he loved. Disciples scatter, and stillness creeps upon the indescribable visage. Yet, after three days, with keys wrest from the clutches of death and hell, victory dawns! The unbreakable chain of the grave lies shattered, and Christ the Redeemer has risen! Now the advocate on high, the mighty King, the great high priest offers the believer the ability to be joint-heir. Gone is the stain of Eden, and fellowship is restored! Hail him, King of all, as we cast before his pierced feet the crowns he alone is worthy to receive.

1. Behold! Behold the Lamb of God

2. And Can It Be, That I Should Gain?

3. At the Cross

4. The Old Rugged Cross

5. Christ Arose

6. The King of Dread Could Not Detain

7. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

8. He Is Risen, Glorious Tidings

9. Thine Is the Glory

10. The Strife Is O'er

11. Hallelujah for the Cross

12. Before the Throne of God Above

13. My Saviour First of All

14. Rejoice, the Lord Is King!

15. Crown Him with Many Crowns

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gregory Andrew Miller
Wonderful Music

The only complaint I have is that I want MORE. This is one of the best CD's I've ever purchased for instrumental hymns. Love it.

Marilynn Jefferson
Beautiful selections, beautifully played.

I was looking for instruments to back up small group worship. This does that and is also beautiful just for listening. Iā€™m looking forward to more of this kind.

Not just good but gooder.

very professionally done. good job to all involved, hope you come out with more. if they played christian music on the radio i would expect to hear these but alas no more, hence get the cd.

Connie Harten
Worshipful CD

Really nice instrumental CD. Good for background music when reading and studying, or just in the car when you want to worship or be edified when running errands or going to church. I like that it plays the music as written without fluff and flesh.

Mrs. Jerry Matson
Very well done CD which blessed me!

This is lovely, calming music to glorify the Lord, and is easy sing with also. My husband who played the cello in a high school orchestra would have loved listening to this CD. He often complained of the noisy, blaring back ground music being produced today which doesn't even have a melody line. In Heaven he enjoys the music of perfection now, but I am still here on earth and am grateful for such a CD of wonderful old hymns to enjoy. I gave a copy to a dear friend also.