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Daily Strength - Volumes 1 - 4: Devotions for Bible Believing Study (All Four Volumes)

Daily Strength - Volumes 1 - 4: Devotions for Bible Believing Study (All Four Volumes)

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The Daily Strength volumes are a powerfully unique set of books, serving as daily devotionals and an intense collection of Bible study reference books, assisting the student of the Bible to mature in the Lord. Broken out into daily devotions and with portions for children, young adults, and adults, these will be a tremendous asset to your family altar or personal study time. With four years of devotions to cover, you won't soon run out of solid Bible study material.

     These book are the perfect mix of practical teaching and Bible study, covering a wide variety of topics with grace and clarity. With a week or more of daily devotions devoted to each topic, this book is perfect for helping you walk away from your devotions truly understanding what the Bible teaches.

      Each volume of the Daily Strength series has songs suggested to use during your devotions; many of these songs are located in the Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs hymnal. All scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version.

Sample Week (Excerpt from Volume 1)

From Matt A.:

"Excellent and Challenging"

"This is the type of devotional guide that the others hope to be. The clear biblical text, historical background and applications are clear, concise and convicting. The added bonus is the hymn that is attached to each devotional to aid in application and recall throughout the day."

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Customer Reviews

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Adam Miller
Excited to read.

I look forward to digging into these devotionals. I was very pleased with the speedy delivery. Thank you for providing good, godly, solidly KJV devotionals.

Love them

I appreciate the way it is laid out where you participate with the study. Not just fed information. The devotional and prayer thoughts make you think and are a great aid in teaching also. I highly recommend these to aid in your personal spiritual growth. Thank you for the time, effort and prayer that must have gone into these books. I find myself greatly challenged and encouraged.

Ken Stanley
Well Done

I’ve used am y devotional books through the years, and some have been very good. The MP publication is at the top of the list. The continual thought for the week is a great format. The provoking questions and prayer suggestions are a nicely added point of focus. And I especially love the hymn suggestion for each devotion that I find in my MP published by hymn book. This is a great devotional book, and I’m looking forward to the entire series over the next 4 years. Well done!

Connie Harten
Another Great Item From Melody

So glad I purchased this set. Have started the first in the series. Very helpful, well made, spiritual, Scriptural devotional. I was looking for something more spiritually substantial than your average store bought little 5 minute lazy time with God devotional books so prevalent now. This is so much more! Exactly what I was looking for, when you don’t have time for in-depth study, but want the time you do have to be profitable spiritually. I have learned some truths, been challenged, convicted, and helped. Melody has once again produced a quality item, in every way. How well it is made, the content, and even how it looks and is laid out. Thank you Melody Publications!

Dan C.
Daily Strenght Devotions

Truly a unique devotion indeed. We are using this for our nightly family devotions to the Lord. The teachings are insightful, challenging and most importantly biblically sound. We look forward to many years building up our faith and knowledge of God through this excellent work.

Glory to God in the highest.