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Is your book King James only?

The book does not contain actual verses of the Bible aside from the title page, but the 16,000+ scripture references were all taken from the King James Bible.

Do you have individual sheet music available for purchase?

Yes! Feel free to use our contact form to request printed sheet music for any of the songs in our hymnal.

Can you ship internationally?

Of course! We have loyal customers from all over the world. Those not living in the US will face higher shipping charges due to distance, but we are diligently working to find lower-cost options for our international customers.

Is the book available for purchase electronically?

Not at this time. We are open to the possibility in the future but make no guarantees. 

What are shape notes?

Shape notes are a series of eight shapes that correspond to the eight note names in solfege. For example, 'do' is a triangle, 're' a half-circle, and so on. The intention is to make it visually easier to learn a new song or harmony.

Does your book come in shape notes?

Soon! We are finalizing our shape note edition now after experiencing delays and will go to print shortly.

Do you have any orchestration books?

We do not currently have orchestration books. We are in the research phase now and hope to begin releasing these products in 2022.