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Daily Strength v. 1: Devotions for Bible Believing Study

Daily Strength v. 1: Devotions for Bible Believing Study

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      Daily Strength, Volume 1, is a powerfully unique book, functioning as a Bible study tool and a daily devotional. Broken out into daily devotions with portions for children and adults, it will be a tremendous asset to your family altar or personal study time.

     This book is the perfect mix of practical teaching and Bible study, covering Compassion, Courage, Faithfulness, Discernment, Peace, Zeal, and more. With a week or more of daily devotions devoted to each topic, this is perfect book for helping you walk away from your devotions truly understanding what the Bible teaches.

     Each volume of the Daily Strength series has songs suggested to use during your devotions; many of these songs can be found in the Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs hymnal. All scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version.

Sample Week (Excerpt from Volume 1)

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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Kloskowski
Very good devotional

Very good devotional and a good value.

Arthur Shady
Daily devotions

Great tool for family devotions.

Maggie Balfour

Sound teaching very encouraging, I’m learning from both books. New hymns etc and how much God loves us.

Matt Austin
Excellent and Challenging

This is the type of devotional guide that the others hope to be. The clear biblical text, historical background and applications are clear, concise and convicting. The added bonus is the hymn that is attached to each devotional to aid in application and recall throughout the day.

Edith Moss

It was a gift, so I have not used it.